Trees & Scratching Posts

With the rise in popularity of cat furniture, a whole new wave of innovative cat trees, perches and towers are flooding the market. Even though this makes the job of choosing which suits you best much harder, it does drive up competition and even work to lower prices as a result.

Many owners still consider cat trees to be a luxury, but that’s no longer the case.

Affordable cat towers and condos have been commonplace for the last few years are beginning to make up the bulk of all cat furniture purchased.

They’re loved for the most part due their versatility since they provide scratch posts, perches, condos and entertainment in one big bundle.

They’re best though of as a sort of cat jungle gym, giving them opportunities to rest, play and even bond with other cats that share the household.

How do cat trees improve health?

Cat On A Tower

By improving the quality of life that cats have indoors, they create a closer bond between your cat and yourself while promoting good health by nurturing natural instincts.

This is especially true for indoor cats, since it’s difficult to provide them with an environment where climbing furniture is acceptable without the use of a tower designed for them.

Most cat trees come well equipped with sisal rope poles made especially for scratching. This invaluable outlet for their natural instinct to scratch will not only improve your cat’s claws, but also save your furniture from assured destruction. Everyone’s a winner!

Entertainment value provided through the forms of hanging ropes, dangling mice and other little features encourage cats to socialize. This is fantastic for getting timid cats out of their shell and provides them with a fun filled environment to relax and feel safe in.

Why are cat trees and towers so ugly?

Admittedly, if you skim through the most popular cat trees, perches and towers out there you’ll probably not to be too overwhelmed by their beauty. Many aren’t built with looks in mind, so cheaply finished compressed wood and some off-white faux fur lining is all they need to be practically viable.

Cat scratching posts

For some owners, this is just fine. If you plan on keeping the tree out of any frequented areas in your home then it may not be worth shelling out the extra money for a tower that looks nice.

Thankfully, as cat playgrounds and climbers become more and more popular, the prices are gradually coming down.

For a long while you were pretty limited for choice if you wanted something that fitted your home decor and didn’t break the bank, but the market is changing.

You should be able to pick up nice modern furniture piece for your cat at around the $100 dollar mark now, which is what you’d expect to pay for a big cat tree anyway.

Scratching posts for cats, do they really work?

Sisal rope scratching posts are super attractive to cats of all ages. When it seems your cat is hell-bent on ruining your furniture, that’s just because they see it as the most suitable texture around to scratch away at.

With sisal rope present in the room, they’re almost guaranteed to turn their attention to that and get a more satisfying scratching experience away from your sofas or coffee tables.

Although it’s frustrating to have your cat scratch furniture, remember that it is an entirely natural instinct for them. Discouraging them from doing so can cause confusion and worsen the bond between you.

You’ll never be able to stop them scratching stuff but by providing them with a clear best candidate for clawing at, you’ll be able to dictate what they scratch.

Why do cats need to scratch furniture?

Hopefully we’ve established by now that cats don’t scratch your furniture because they hate you. They scratch because it works away the old layer of nail on their claws and reveals healthier, newer nail beneath.

Many tackle the issue of sharp or overgrown claws with manual grooming, but a scratching post or cat tree is all that’s needed for them to handle it themselves.

It also works as a way of marking territory. Cats have scent glands in their paws, and fully extending their claws against a piece of furniture will leave a scent (not one that we can smell), that claims that territory as their own. Cats will feel much more at home in an area that they’ve clearly marked as their own.

Why Do Cats Need Scratch Posts?

You can't stop cats from scratching, but you can dictate what they scratch. You and your cat probably don't agree on what items around the home are suitable for intense scratching. The answer is simple, provide them with their own furniture to scratch.

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