Trees & Scratching Posts

With the rise in popularity of cat furniture, a whole new wave of innovative cat trees, perches and towers are flooding the market. Even though this makes the job of choosing which suits you best much harder, it does drive up competition and lower prices as a result.

Affordable cat towers and condos have been commonplace for the last few years are beginning to make up the bulk of all cat furniture purchased.

They’re loved for the most part due their versatility since they provide scratch posts, perches, condos and entertainment in one big bundle.

Modern Cat Trees & Towers

Modern Cat Trees

Until recently, most cat trees and towers were unsightly at best. A beige carpet covered tower looks out of place in most modern homes.

With manufacturers looking to appeal to those who’d prefer a cat tree that fits their decor, there’s an increasing amount of choice popping up for those with modern apartments and homes.

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Cat Trees For Large Cats

Cat Trees Large Cats

Having a large cat or multiple cats poses a problem for owners looking to invest in a cat tree. Will it support your cats’ weight? Will they knock it over?

Most owners are aware that cats prefer to avoid wobbly perches and trees for fear of them falling down. A sturdy cat tree with a heavy base ensures it can withstand even the largest of cats.

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Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching is a natural instinct in cats that should never be suppressed. If your cat is consistently scratching your furniture, a scratching post is the answer to your prayers.

Scratching posts made of sisal rope are perfect for letting them stretch and manage their claws the way nature intended.

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Why Do Cats Need Scratch Posts?

You can't stop cats from scratching, but you can dictate what they scratch. You and your cat probably don't agree on what items around the home are suitable for intense scratching. The answer is simple, provide them with their own furniture to scratch.

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