Bayer Tapeworm Cat Dewormer Treatment Review

Bayer Tapeworm Cat Dewormer is a Praziquantel based treatment that works to effectively remove tapeworms from your cat's system. We look at how effective it is.

Bayer Tapeworm De-wormer is an effective way to get rid of basic tapeworms in cats older than 6 weeks. Its biggest advantage is that you don’t need a prescription, which saves you a pricey visit to the vet.

Even though it is an over the counter medicine, it always gets the job done the first time. Its active ingredient, Praziquantel is one of the most effective treatments for tapeworms. Its an ingredient often found in prescription dewormers.

The dosage instructions were clear and there were no negative side effects seen.

Another positive point this product brings is that you have options when it comes to giving it to them. Either give it to your cats in pill form or crumble it and mix it with their food.

Even with a pill gun, getting one down my cats’ throat is impossible and usually ends with me all scratched and bloody. With these, I crumble the pill up and sprinkle it on top of my their nightly wet food.

I was a little worried that they would be able to taste the medication and not eat it. Thankfully, neither of them even seemed to notice it was there!

De-worming medication has a reputation for being gross to cats, so it was a relief that it went down without a fight.

How effective is this cat dewormer?

It’s super effective.

Within a matter of hours, the discomfort my cats were in seemed to ease. It took less than 48 hours for their eating habits to return to normal. After a full 72 hours there were no signs of tapeworms in their feces and they seemed back to their usual selves.

One package of this product was enough to rid my home of tapeworms. My cats are on the petite side, and so only needed one pill each.

I even ended up with a spare in case one of them refused to eat it the first time. Having got rid of all the fleas, I’m hoping this won’t become an issue again anytime soon.

Does it prevent reinfestation?

Cats can get tapeworms by ingesting fleas. Getting rid of the fleas one of my cats had managed to bring home was hard enough. After that ordeal, I was grateful to have a quick and easy way to get rid of the tapeworms.

Cat dewormers will temporarily prevent reinfestation, but you must be certain that you address the root cause. Rid your home of fleas with a combination of effective flea treatments and tackle the worms simultaneously. This gives you the best chance at keeping your cat parasite free.

The thought of my cats suffering in any way terrified me. So I’m glad to know that if this ever happens again there is a quick and relatively cheap solution to it.

I can’t imagine using any other over the counter cat dewormer.

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