ProSense Liquid Cat Dewormer Solutions Review

One of the most popular cat dewormers around, ProSense Liquid Cat Dewormer uses Piperazine Citrate to effectively rid your cat of roundworms. Read on to hear our experiences with the product.

When my usually quite chubby cat started losing weight, I knew something was wrong. A trip to the veterinarian confirmed that he had roundworms.

Having spent a fair chunk of money on the vet visit and lab tests, the last thing I wanted was to spend more on an expensive prescription. I decided to hold off until I had a chance to look around online and I am so glad I did.

ProSense Liquid Dewormer got the job done at a fraction of the price.

I was skeptical and a little worried about the treatment not working at first. Even after seeing that the active ingredient (Piperazine Citrate) was the same as the prescription medicine, I wasn’t convinced.

To my surprise, it was pretty obvious it was doing the trick in a matter of hours.

You can actually see the worms in the stool pretty clearly if your cat is infested. After about 24 hours, they’d all but disappeared and were confident it was a success. Within a matter of days, my cat was packing the pounds back on.

Administering the treatment

Administering deworming treatment

My only complaint was that it came with a small dosage spoon instead of a syringe. Personally, I would prefer something like they give you when you buy medication for infants.

Rather than trying to give the medication orally off the spoon, I decided just to add it to his food. The instructions said that was an option. I did worry that my cat would throw a fit about eating it, but he seemed indifferent.

My cat can be notoriously sensitive to new things. Vomiting was a big concern. The packaging warns that it’s a possible side effect of improper dosage. To my relief, I noticed no negative side effects from him.

Despite all symptoms being gone, I fully plan on giving him a follow up dose in 14 days to be sure. Then every 30 days to stop them coming back.

It is really important to only use this product if your cat has roundworms. Tapeworms and hookworms require different active ingredients.

It is also important to know exactly how much your cat weighs so that you can give them the proper dosage. You will need to give your cat 1/4 tsp per 2 1/2 pounds. My big guy weighs 20 pounds, so he needed a whole teaspoon.

If your cat has roundworms and you are looking for the best over the counter treatment, ProSense Liquid Dewormer is definitely the way to go.

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