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The Best Cat Grooming Gloves in 2022

Cat being groomed by hand

Keeping your cat well groomed and regularly brushed is really important for both coat and skin health. Some owners find it incredibly difficult to get their cat to sit through a brushing, that’s where grooming gloves for cats come in to play.

The best cat grooming glove is the Pet Thunder Cat Grooming Mitt which is super comfortable and makes it very easy to collect and remove hair. You may be totally new to the idea, since these glove style grooming tools have traditionally only been required for bigger animals (dogs, horses etc), but rest assured they’re becoming a popular accessory.

Different brushes and gloves produce different results, naturally. Grooming gloves are fantastic for natural brushing, and do a really good job of deshedding and smoothing out any knots in your cat’s coat. Some cat models are available in pairs, and other as a single gloves (often offering both right and left as an order option).

The 5 Top-Rated Cat Grooming Gloves

Editor's PickNameStyle
Best Grooming Mitt Pet Thunder Better Petter Grooming Glove Mitt
Best Grooming Glove HandsOn All-In-One Grooming Gloves Glove
Runner Up Delomo Cat Grooming Glove Glove
Best Budget Glove Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove Glove
Best Budget Mitt Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Grooming Glove Mitt

Hopefully our recommendations give you enough of an idea about the shapes and styles that cat grooming gloves are available in. We’ll talk more about the benefits that each style has a little later on as we walk through each.

Some gloves are great for deshedding, but it can be a nightmare to get the fur back off the glove! Here’s a list of the best cat grooming gloves for deshedding your cat and improving coat health in a natural stroking movement.

The Best Cat Grooming Gloves (Reviews)

1. Pet Thunder Cat Grooming Mitt  — Best Overall

The Pet Thunder glove for cats is surprisingly our pick as the best of the bunch.

We say surprisingly because having tried other mitt style grooming gloves, we were completely sold on the idea that a finger fingered glove style tool was more effective.

Boy were we wrong. This mitt style grooming tool is amazingly good at capturing all the loose hair in your cat’s coat and trapping it quickly between the soft rubber spokes. Barely any hair makes it to side of the glove which solves one of our biggest annoyances with glove style grooming tools.

Pet Thunder have created a product that works just as well for all types of coats; long, short, wet or dry.

The rows of rubber teeth work amazingly to pick up and capture hair without becoming tangled in the knots that longer haired cats often have rooted down in their coat. It glides effortlessly through even the thickest wet fur and picks up so much loose hair you won’t believe your eyes.

It’s really hard to see how anything can top this mitt. The quality of the materials used to produce this mean it survives wash after wash, brush after brush without ever seeming to deteriorate. It’s safe to say we’re totally sMITTen with this grooming glove, get it?!

Did we mention you get a lifetime guarantee along with it? That’s a sure sing of quality right there.

Check out what other owners had to say using the button above, you won’t be disappointed.

2. HandsOn All-In-One Grooming Gloves — Best Grooming Glove

These wonderful all-in-one grooming gloves from HandsOn have taken the grooming glove market by storm. The spokes are distributed to allow far more range-of-movement than a mitt style glove, and we found it far easier to brush hard-to-reach areas like behind the ears.

The spokes are also larger and thicker than we’ve seen before, making them a perfect grooming glove for long-haired cats. With more room between each spoke, we noticed less tangling in long-haired cats, but they were still able to pick up a huge amount of hair from our short-hair cat too.

Available in sizes Jr through X-Large, there’s a perfect size for anyone. We’d highly recommend these to anyone who prefers a glove style grooming glove as opposed to a mitt.

3. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove — Runner Up

The Delomo Pet Glove is, without a doubt, one of the best glove style grooming tool for cats around today.

We prefer the 5 finger glove fit for out own comfort. It feels really natural to run your fingers along your cat’s coat with your fingers free to reach under their chin and chest.

It has 255 silicone tips (up from 180 compared to the previous model from the same brand), each of which are soft enough to be kind to your cat’s skin while picking up all loose fur.

The adjustable velcro strap means it fits hands of all sizes, and the breathable mesh keeps your hands from getting sweaty.

We almost definitely prefer this over the mitt style gloves when it comes to bathing your cat. The flexibility that finger movement offers makes it perfect for spreading and massaging cat shampoos or flea treatments through their coat evenly.

They also sell these as single gloves (both left and right), and you can get them in red if blue isn’t your thing. Wait, why are these gloves blue anyway?! Who knows.

We love these premium grooming gloves, and the ability to buy just one cuts the cost pretty much in half, though you still pay around the same as you would for our highest rated mitt style grooming glove. It comes down to personal preference in the end.

4. Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove — Best Budget Grooming Glove

Pat Your Pet’s glove style cat grooming tool is almost perfect too.

We found much of the same comfort and flexibility that we saw with the Delomo glove. The soft breathable fabric makes for a snug fit and the velco strap makes it suit almost anyone.

The rubber tips did a really good job of collecting loose fur, we found the pattern to be a little more suited to short hair cats though. It worked perfectly well on long haired cats, but felt a little less effortless at getting through knots as the previous two products.

Start gently always, you’ll soon find the right amount of pressure to use when grooming your cat with a glove out from the feeling of it sifting through fur.

As with the Delomo glove, it’s also available in a single glove, though at the time of writing you can only get your hands on a right handed glove if purchased as a single rather than a pair.

Pat Your Pet offer a full refund if you aren’t satisfied, so you’ve nothing to lose if you’ve been considering giving this glove a go.

5. Pat Your Pet Grooming Mitt — Best Budget Grooming Mitt

Last up on the list is the Pat Your Pet grooming mitt.

It’s unfortunate to be last on this list but it has a few flaws that we didn’t see with the other options that landed it here, it’s still one of the best grooming mitts on the market though. This is a list of the best, not all!

Let’s start with the good points. It’s comfortable and made with very high quality materials that give it a strong, durable feel.

We like that the back of the mitt is a microfiber like material that’s great for wiping over any furniture or smooth surfaces that have pet hair on them.

It picks up hair very well, but it’s not that great if your hands aren’t big enough to fill the glove. It feels as though this is down to the relatively small surface area of the pins, and the fact that the thumb section isn’t separate as with the Pet Thunder grooming glove.

This means that without big hands, you’ll struggle to get the full amount of contact required to get the best out of this glove’s hair collecting abilities.

With that aside, it’s a good quality mitt and very competitively priced.

Do cat grooming gloves work?

We’re happy to say that these gloves really do work. Not only that, your cat will be much happier being groomed by a glove than they would be with a harsh brush.

Although the teeth on grooming gloves are much further apart when compared to a brush or comb, they still pick up a considerable amount of loose fur, making them perfect for deshedding.

They’re also suitable for use when your cat is wet, so they’re ideal during bath times and help to work a cat shampoo through their coat and provide much better coverage.

What other benefits are there to a grooming glove as opposed to a brush?

A nice feature of a these gloves is that the removal of fur from the glove after deshedding is typically very easy. With some of the cheap cat gloves you might have a little trouble, but choose an option from a good brand, and it will more than likely have been manufactured with this in mind.

They’re also super easy to clean. Rubber grooming gloves just need a quick swill under water to clean off any dirty or muck that’s been picked up during use.

Our favorite thing about them is that they feel so nice to use. It’s such a natural feeling to stroke your cat, and a good fitting grooming glove makes the same motion a grooming experience.

It being a natural motion and sensation, your cat is much more likely to be accepting of you grooming them with a glove as opposed to a brush. They also tend to catch less in fur than normal deshedding tools, so that’s a big plus for your cat’s comfort during the process.

How should I use a cat grooming glove?

The same process applies to grooming your cat with a glove as it does when using a brush. Having a glove means your cat is likely to be more accepting of the brushing, since it’s an activity and sensation they are already accustomed to when you stroke them.

Because of this, you might get away with using a grooming mitt or glove when the cat is in a playful mood.

You still won’t have much luck if you interrupt your cat while they’re on their way somewhere though.

Wait for your cat to be in a relaxed state before you start trying to groom with them any tool, and start slowly. There’s no need to start wildly or vigorously brushing your cat with the glove. Nice smooth long strokes are plenty good enough.

It should be obvious when your cat has had enough, and it’s important you check for signs of frustration and know when to stop. You don’t want your cat to resent the glove and steer clear of it in future.

What makes a good quality grooming glove?

Your first concern here (as with anything) should be your pet’s safety and comfort. Cheap grooming gloves for cats are likely to be made from poor quality materials and potentially include plastics that can be harmful to your cat’s skin.

A good quality grooming glove doesn’t need to cost a fortune though, some of the more affordable gloves for grooming are still manufactured by well established brands. These gloves have all the qualities you’d be looking for in terms of comfort for both yourself and your cat.

Having soft but durable rubber tipped ends on the glove ensures that your cat doesn’t feel any discomfort and the gloves last a lifetime.

The space between each of the rubber tips should be enough to avoid catching frequently in knots, but close together enough to pull up loose fur and deshed your cat.

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