Cat Food & Diet

A cat’s diet should be tailored to their needs. With a whole host of brands specializing in different cat foods, it’s important to know which type is right for your cat. Our collection of cat food guides will help you get to grips with your feline’s diet and find a food that’s both healthy and full of flavor.

Cat Not Eating

Why Is My Cat Not Eating?

If your cat has not been eating for a few days, you should visit a veterinarian immediately. Sarah Wooten DVM explains why.

Best Kitten Food Guide

The Best Kitten Food

Ensure your kitten gets off to a strong, healthy start in life by choosing from our top picks of the best kitten foods available.

Best Cat Food For Hairball Prevention

The Best Cat Food For Hairballs

Hairballs, eew! Let's look at some great cat food that are designed to prevent them. Don't waste your money on brands that don't deliver on their promises.

Cat relaxing

How To Stop Cats Vomiting After Eating

A vomiting cat is always a big worry for cat owners. We discuss some helpful tips and tricks that can help settle your cat's stomach and stop the throwing up once and for all.

Older cat well fed

The Best Cat Foods For Older Cats

Senior cats have different dietary requirements to their younger counterparts, so shifting to a senior cat food can make the world of difference. See our recommendations here.

Cat with healthy urinary tract

The Best Cat Foods For Urinary Health

Urinary tract issues can arise in cats that are dehydrated or are lacking a nutritionally complete diet. Continue reading to discover the best foods for urinary health in cats.

Cat Eating Best Dry Cat Food

The Best Dry Food for Cats in 2022

Dry cat food is much loved, but are you aware of which brands stand out as the best in the industry? We take a look at some of the best dry foods for cats available today.

Cat Among Healthy Foods

The Best Cat Foods For Weight Loss

High protein, low calorie cat foods are essential to maintaining a healthy weight. With proper portioning, these top weight loss cat foods will help your cat return to their prime.

Feeding A Cat

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders

If you're away from home for long periods of time, an automatic cat feeder could be just what you need. Let's look at the best value timed cat feeders around.

Overweight cat

5 Shocking Cat Obesity Statistics

Obesity is widely considered to be the greatest health risk to pets in the US. It's important to educate yourself on cat nutrition and on how to spot the telltale signs that your cat is overweight. Here's a quick infographic to help the shocking figures hit home.

Cat Food & Diet

From the best cat food brands to how to save money, it’s important to be informed on the basic considerations of buying cat food. Different foods and brands specialize in different areas. Buying a good cat food that keeps your cat and your bank account happy is the most important thing.

Dry Cat Food

The argument between wet or dry cat food often divides the cat owner community. If you’re sticking to the best dry cat food brands though, then you can rest assured that either choice can provide your cat with nutritionally complete meals. As long your cat is keeping hydrated through water consumption then there’s no cause for alarm. There’s nothing stopping you from giving your cat both types; providing all the benefits of both.

Senior Cat Food

If you’re feeding a senior cat then you’ll want to make sure they are fed a diet that matches their lifestyle. Most senior cat foods account for this by lowering fat levels and boosting the amount of fiber content to aid with digestion. In case you weren’t aware, senior cats are typically cats aged 8 years or older. As cats age it’s natural that health issues occasionally effect their appetite, this brings us nicely into our next type.

Sensitive Stomach Food

Frequent vomiting is a sign that your cat may suffer with a sensitive stomach. Foods that are designed to be gentle on cats’ stomachs typically avoid heavy grains or corn and focus more on real high quality meats. Sensitive stomach cat foods often reel back on the rich flavorings that can cause upset. Cat food for sensitive digestive systems are highly favored among many cat owners.

Urinary Health Food

If your cat suffers from urinary tract health issues, then rest assured there are foods tailored to help relieve symptoms and break down the crystals that form in your cat’s bladder. Cat foods for urinary health work in a variety of different ways, some even work using entirely natural ingredients.

Hairball Prevention Food

Foods designed to stop hairballs are usually focused around boosting your cat’s digestive system. There are a select few cat food brands that tend to be best at creating foods for hairball prevention; Royal Canin are especially well known for their excellent health formulas that are proven to stop cats vomiting.

Weight Gain Food

If you have a skinny cat on your hands, you may be looking to help them pack on a few pounds to return to a healthy weight. Cat foods come in different calorie densities. Half a cup of a high calorie food could contain as many calories as a full cup of different cat food. Opting for a high calorie weight gain cat food and a closely controlled portion size ensures that you avoid bloat and overfeeding while encouraging weight gain at a healthy rate.

Weight Loss Food

Those with overweight cats are usually much slower to spot the symptoms that at the other end of the scale (literally). Weight loss in cats is something that needs to be handled very delicately. If you cut back portions to the point where their meals are no longer nutritionally complete, you put them at risk of a whole host of health issues that can affect the eyes, kidneys, and much more. Weight loss cat foods exist to help keep them feeling full while cutting back on calories.

Kitten Food

Kittens need slightly higher levels of fat and significantly higher levels of protein in their food because they develop very quickly. A kitten begins to reach the stages of adulthood after as little as 1 year. It’s recommended that kittens get a minimum of 30 percent crude protein in their food. It’s absolutely vital during this stage that you choose the best kitten food to ensure you’re getting high quality ingredients.

Automatic Feeders For Cats

Planning on being away overnight and have no one to help out with feeding your cat? Let technology help you out! Automatic cat feeders are becoming very popular among those who work long hours in order to properly schedule meals. The timed feeders work great for controlling calorie intake too!

Cat Water Fountains

Since cats don’t have a very high thirst drive, dehydration is something that cat owners need to keep a close eye on. Cats prefer drinking from a running water source (streams, taps etc), so a cat water fountain is perfect for ensuring they receive adequate hydration all year round.