Cat Accessories

There are so many fun cat products out there that we’re often spoiled for choice. From gifts for cat lovers to gifts for cats themselves, there are toys, clothes and endless amounts of fun to be had. With so many options out there, it’s vital you have a guide to picking the best laughs for the least cost.

Not all accessories are just for laughs! Accessories like cat ID tags and collars serve an important purpose; getting your cat returned home should they go missing.

Cat Backpacks

Cat Backpacks

Cat backpacks are absolutely adorable. After you’ve spent 30 minutes looking at cute pictures of cats inside them, you might be wondering if they’re actually any good in a practical sense.

Thankfully we can confirm that they do offer a brilliant, comfortable alternative to traditional carriers. We’re totally in love with them.

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Cat Harnesses

Best Cat Harness

A cat harness lets you take your cat outdoors for walks safely. Leashes attached to collars are a very bad idea for cats, since their windpipes are far more delicate than that of a dog.

Fitting your cat with a harness is something that’s best done at a young age, but many find their cats get used to wearing one fairly quickly even in their adult years.

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Cat Strollers & Carriages

Cat Strollers

An alternative to harnesses, cat strollers give you more peace of mind that your cat won’t escape in-transit. They also keep your cat sheltered from the stress triggers around them.

Good strollers are made of tough meshes that are almost impossible to rip. A clasp closure makes loading your cat into the stroller a breeze when compared to zip up panels.

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The Best Cat Harness

The Best Cat Harnesses

As indoor cat owners become more common, so are cat harnesses. They provide a unique opportunity to let your cat explore the world safely and by your side. We've tracked down a few of the best.

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