Cat Health & Well-being

Keeping your cat fit and healthy is your number one priority. Day-to-day cat health supplies can improve your cat’s quality of life; preventing flea and tick infestations before they get out of hand and dealing with worms. For cat care beyond the day-to-day, always seek professional advice from a registered veterinarian.

Best Cat Dental Treats Guide

The Best Cat Dental Treats

The majority of experts seem to agree that dental treats can play a part in keeping your cat's teeth clean and healthy. We set out to find the best around.

Dewormer medications for cats

The Best Cat Dewormer

Deworming a cat that has a mild parasite infestation can be done at home using an over the counter cat dewormer. This post will teach you which to use and why.

Hookworms and how to spot them

Hookworms In Cats: Signs And Symptoms

Hookworm infestations are one of the most common worm infestations in cats. Learn how cat's contract hookworms, the effects they have on their health and how they're diagnosed and treated.

Cat with worms

Which Types Of Worms Affect Cats?

Worms are gross. Arming yourself with the knowledge of their appearance and effects is the best way to ensure you spot infestations early and treat them effectively.

Cat with fleas in home

Removing Fleas From Your Home

Keep your home flea free for good with our simple tricks to stop them getting settled in carpets and linens and giving you a chance to free your cat from them once and for all.

Cat on flea sprayed rug

The Best Cat Flea Sprays For Home

Using a flea spray in your home can help prevent fleas settling in carpets, beds and linen while you work to rid your cat of their infestation.

Cat Health & Well-being

It’s a common misconception that cats are tougher than us humans and feel less pain, but this isn’t true. Cats have a similar pain threshold to us lot, and the misconception arises from their reluctance to look vulnerable by displaying weakness. Caring for a cat involves regularly checking for injuries, illnesses and parasite infestations.

Cat Dewormers

Worm infestations in cats can be treated with deworming medication. It’s often hard to spot an infestation due to the varying effects different types of worms have on cats’ health. Some of best cat dewormers can tackle all three of the most common worms; roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Identifying what type of worms your cat is struggling with allow you to pick the most suitable dewormer.

Flea Control

Discovering a flea infestation either on your cat or in your home can cause a headache. Your best hope to minimize both the effort required and the expense is to gain a good understanding of how flea infestations are best handled and what treatments work best for the different stages of a flea’s life cycle.

Topical Flea Treatments For Cats

For the fast removal of fleas, a topical flea treatment is recommended. These make use of a number of insecticides that work to paralyze adult fleas and inhibit growth in young fleas, essentially ending the entire life-cycle. Topical treatments have active ingredients that can be quite potent, so discuss these with your vet before taking action.

Cat Flea Collars

Although they aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, flea collars still pack a punch when used properly. With a cat flea collar it’s important to manage your expectations. They aren’t going to blow all the fleas out of your cats’ fur and the surrounding home furniture; but rather gradually release chemicals that repel fleas and reduce the chances of them settling in the first place.

Some flea collars offer benefits for as long as 8 months, so they can be quite cost effective as a preventative measure rather than a treatment if you find they work well for you.

Flea Sprays For Home

Flea sprays are great for killing fleas that are lying dormant in carpets or bedding. Some flea sprays for cats are suitable for use on both the surrounding area and on your cat itself, but it’s always super important you read the labels beforehand to make sure they’re safe. Follow the instructions carefully on any flea sprays and make sure you apply it to all the areas of your home that are infested.

Flea Combs For Cats

Aside from flea collars that repel using chemicals, keeping your cat’s coat well groomed and free of debris with more natural approaches can work wonders to stop fleas settling. Brushing or grooming your cat with any tool will provide a benefit, but you’ll see more of a benefit using if you use the right tool for the job (see our recommended best flea comb for cats). These are typically very inexpensive, and with regular use can stop adult fleas settling in your cat’s coat before things get out of hand.

Cat Food Supplements

Can cat supplements really give the health benefits they promise? Well, that depends. If you have a specific goal in mind, then it’s almost always better to work those nutrients into their diet without using supplements. With that said however, there are plenty of common cat supplements that owners make use of regularly.

Dental Treats

Despite the debate around their effectiveness, many cat owners swear by dental treats. They definitely do help with removing some plaque, but they’re not a replacement for regular veterinary check ups. Some of the best dental treats for cats are shaped to get as much plaque as they can off with each bite.

Probiotics For Cats

A cat with an upset stomach can quickly result in a nasty mess around the home. Probiotics for cats work to keep your cat’s digestive system full of healthy bacteria and avoid any upsets. They’re full of Bifidobacterium and Enterococcus strains that have been proving to keep cats’ digestive systems healthy and balanced.