Cat Beds, Trees & Furniture

Cat furniture covers everything from small cat beds to large cat trees. Having items of furniture for your cat gives them a space to enjoy and sharpen their claws without destroying your own. Modern cat furniture won’t look out of place in even the most stylish of homes.

Best Cat Scratcher Posts

The Best Cat Scratching Posts

These top quality cat scratching posts are durable, safe and super attractive to cats in need of a good scratch. We'll help you choose the right one.

Cat sitting in a tree

The Best Modern Cat Trees

Looking for a modern cat tree that can keep a few rowdy cats happy at once? Need something stylish? We've got your back.

Large Cat On Cat Tree

The Best Cat Trees For Large Cats in 2022

A cat tree built with large cats in mind will have sturdy posts and a solid base. We've done the work of finding the best around and highlighting which gives the most bang for your buck.

Why Do Cats Need Scratch Posts?

You can't stop cats from scratching, but you can dictate what they scratch. You and your cat probably don't agree on what items around the home are suitable for intense scratching. The answer is simple, provide them with their own furniture to scratch.

Outdoor cat

Keeping Cats Indoors, Cruel Or Kind?

There comes a time in all kitten owner's lives where they're faced with a tough decision. Do I really have to let this precious little cat out of my sight for more than 2 minutes?

Cat Beds, Trees & Furniture

Cat furniture’s recent surge in popularity has led to a whole new range of exciting furniture to decorate your home with. Modern cat furniture is stylish, entertaining and most importantly, very affordable. There are whole play areas for cats that provide all the entertainment required to keep multiple cats happy all day long.

Cat Beds & Comfort

The classic must-have item for any cat owner is a high quality cat bed. Cats LOVE comfy enclosed spaces to curl up and sleep safely. There are enclosed cat beds for comfort, open cat beds, and even cat beds that double as cat carriers. From merino wool to cardboard scratcher bed combos, there’s something to suit every cat and every owner.

Cat Trees For Large Cats

Having a large cat or multiple cats poses a problem for owners looking to invest in a cat tree. Will it support your cats’ weight? Will they knock it over? Most owners are aware that cats prefer to avoid wobbly perches and trees for fear of them falling down. A sturdy cat tree for large cats with a heavy base ensures it can withstand even the chunkiest of cats without issue.

Modern Cat Trees & Towers

Until recently, most cat trees and towers were unsightly at best. A beige carpet covered tower looks out of place in most modern homes. With manufacturers looking to appeal to those who’d prefer a cat tree that fits their decor, there’s an increasing amount of choice popping up for those with modern apartments and homes. Now, modern cat trees and stylish cat towers are now widely available (thank god!).

Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching is a natural instinct in cats that should never be suppressed. If your cat is consistently scratching your furniture, a cat scratching post is the answer to your prayers. Scratching posts for cats are made of sisal rope that is perfect for letting them stretch and manage their claws the way nature intended. Sisal rope scratching posts can last for a good number of years. Your furniture on the other hand.. not so much.