Cat Furniture

The recent surge in the popularity of cat furniture has led to a whole new range of exciting items to decorate your home with. Modern cat furniture is stylish, entertaining and most importantly, very affordable.

Gone are the days when a cat bed was enough to keep your cats content. There are whole play areas for cats that provide all the entertainment required to keep multiple cats happy all day long.

We’ve written this guide as a quick introduction to the types of cat furniture that are now available for your home.

Importance Of A Good Cat Bed

The classic must-have for any cat owner is a high quality cat bed. Cats LOVE comfy semi-enclosed spaces to curl up and sleep safely. As with other cat furniture, beds have boomed in popularity and there’s now a huge selection of cozy cat beds for sale.

Cat In A Carrier

Beds come in enclosed styles often referred to as cat caves. These are typically made of soft materials like merino wool to provide comfort and warmth while keeping them safely enclosed inside. There are even self warming beds available, or beds made entirely of durable scratchable cardboard.

Some owners even leave travel carriers out for their cats to sleep in. Familiarity with their travel case makes it much easier to travel with nervous cats too.

There has never been so much choice available and competition only serves to drive prices down, meaning now is the perfect time to get your kitty a warm safe bed to call their own.

Providing Entertainment For Your Cat

Cats are just as susceptible to boredom as us humans are. Indoor cats require near constant stimulation to avoid depression, but how do you keep them entertained around the clock?

Cat playing with a toy

Many owners are turning to cat trees and towers to provide their little loved ones with a space to play, climb and sleep. These self contained playgrounds and perfect for owners who have multiple cats too!

A space that encourages timid cats to socialize is just what some households are lacking.

They’re also the perfect place to store toys and accessories your cat is familiar with. Once they’ve marked their territory, they’ll have a small part of the home to feel super comfortable in. High perches make for perfect beds, giving them the vantage point they crave in the comfort of your own home.

Keeping Cat Furniture Clean

Mucky paws make cleaning up a real pain. Many pieces of cat furniture are covered with faux fur linings that get matted up with dirt over time. You should look for beds, condos and perches that have removable machine washable linings.

With mud sorted, you’re left with dust and hair. Cats often track litter dust through the house and it ends up everywhere

Shedding hair is a natural process in cats, despite your best grooming efforts, it often becomes deeply rooted in carpets or fur and can be a real pain to sort.

A trusty vacuum that has extensions and tools geared at tackling cat hair should be plenty to dig up any rooted fur or dust, they’ll also pick up flea eggs in the process.

Indoor And Outdoor Cages, Crates And Enclosures

Cages and enclosures are some of the most frequently purchased items of cat furniture. For indoor cat owners, an outdoor enclosure is perfect for enjoying summer days in the garden while keeping your cat safe and sound.

Many are even big enough to allow you to get in with them! Just be sure they don’t escape.

Indoor cages on the other hand are usually used temporarily to house cats. If you’ve recently moved home or you’re introducing a new cat and need to keep your kitty enclosed and safe, then an indoor cat cage could be the perfect solution. They’re available in all sorts of sizes, some with up to 5 levels to jump and play on.