Doors, Pens & Carriers

Travelling with your cat calls for a sturdy and comfortable carrier. You might want to enjoy the outdoors with an outdoor cat enclosure, or keep them safe indoors while some work happens with an indoor playpen. Comfort and safety is the priority, and we’re on hand to help you find it.

The Best Cat Backpack

The Best Cat Backpack Carriers

Comfortable, secure and ADORABLE. Cat backpacks are a craze we hope never dies out. We've hunted down the best backpacks around, bubbles and all.

Cat In The Best Stroller

The Best Cat Strollers

The best cat strollers make sure your cat is safe and comfortable while on the move. We've hunted down the strollers we believe are worth the money.

Cat being carried on travels

Keeping Cats Calm While Traveling

Keeping your cat calm when traveling is something most owners struggle with. We've scoured the web for tips to combine with our personal experiences that can hopefully help.

Cat In A Carrier

The Best Cat Carriers

Traveling with a cat brings anxiety to almost all owners, luckily these top cat carriers will make them as comfortable as possible to help calm them.

Doors, Pens & Carriers

Cat Carriers and Enclosures

Cat carriers, enclosures and playpens are some of the most frequently purchased items of cat furniture. Whether you need a cat carrier for traveling, a trip to the vets, or a cat backpack for an adventure, your cat’s comfort is your number one priority.

With held carriers, your cat’s weight and size will have an influence on the type of carrier you need. Rest assured, there are comfortable cat carriers that meet all sorts of weight safety ratings.

It can be difficult to pick out respected brands and manufacturers among the hoards of cheap plastic carriers available. Sticking with reputable brands ensures your cat is safe and isn’t exposed to any harmful materials during transit.

Cat Backpack Carriers

Cat backpack carriers require careful deliberation to air flow and visibility. Strong zips and durable stitching are must have qualities on any form of soft material cat carrier.

Cat Strollers

An alternative to backpack carriers are cat strollers. These carriage style carriers provide more space, visibility and a smoother trip than backpacks. They also come with a ton of bells and whistles depending on the brand and model.

Outdoor Enclosures

If you’re not on the move but need to keep your cat confined temporarily, then cages, crates, enclosures and playpens are what you’re looking for. Many owners enjoy summer days outdoors with an outdoor enclosure. Some are big enough for you to fit in too!

Indoor Enclosures

Indoor cages and enclosures are more typically used while some housework is going on, or a new cat is being introduced and some separation is required. These come in all shapes and sizes, with some having up to 5 levels for your cat to jump around on.