The Best Modern Cat Trees

Cat sitting in a tree

Buying a modern cat tree mean you’ll be far more likely to be as happy with your purchase as your cat will be. The trees and towers featured here provide a perfect playground for cats of all ages and sizes.

There are several qualities to look for in a good piece of modern cat furniture. Appearance, sturdiness and entertainment value are clearly at the forefront. After taking a good hard look at the trees out there on the market, we’re satisfied that the FEANDREA 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree is the best modern cat tree for any home or apartment.

As far as we’ve seen, not much comes close to offering the same balance of style and function as our best pick. If you’re looking for something more along the lines of a tower rather than a tree, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too.

The Best Modern Cat Trees

We’ve looked through each of the options on the market and put together a fascinating list of the various options for you. Some are considerably larger than others, so if you have limited vertical space it’s important to measure the area beforehand.

We think each has something unique to offer and we hope there’s enough variety included to help you find something that suits you. Here are our picks for the most modern cat trees for homes and apartments, each of which is suitable for cats of all sizes and ages.

FEANDREA 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree

Where do we even start with this beast of a cat tree?!

It has 4 platforms, 2 spacious cat condos, 3 high perches and a tonne of places to scratch and play. Take a close look at the image and try to take it all in, there’s so much!

It stands at fairly might 67 inches in height, and weighs a hefty 64 pounds giving it a sturdiness that can’t be rivaled by any other tree.

The wide base (with a cute little ramp) stands strongly enough to support the entire tree and a few cats at a time without a single wobble.

Super soft fabric covers all of the posts, levels and perches. If dark grey doesn’t suit your decor, it’s also available in a lighter color which you’ll find using the button below.

It really is a cat’s dream come true. There’s enough space and entertainment to keep 4 or more cats happy at any given time.

Because it’s such a big cat tree and feels such good quality, we were surprised to find how modestly priced it was. We picked it up for a tad over $100, making it an absolute steal in terms of value.

We can’t recommend it highly enough and hope the 30 month warranty is enough to sway you into trying it too. You don’t know what you’re missing!

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

This cat tower from The Refined Feline is hands down the most stylish cat tree we’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s absolutely beautiful to look at, the curves not only look great, they double as a way for cats to climb easily and hop from perch to perch.

The brown Berber carpet is super soft to the touch and is removable for washing. One of our favorite things is that all the wearable parts are replaceable, something that often isn’t the case with other cat trees.

It’s a whopping 69 inches in height and weights 69 lbs, making it the heaviest tower on our list. Its hefty weight and bottom heavy design mean there’s absolutely no chance of this stylish cat tower ever being toppled.

You can even purchase extra shelves that fit on to the existing body, making a great investment for the future.

It’s very expensive, but remember you are getting a solid wood cat tree as opposed to the others on the market that are made with compressed wood (cheaper stuff). This thing is built to last a lifetime.

Take a quick look at the crazy good reviews this tower has gotten from those who’ve sought the perfect cat tree for modern apartments.

FEANDREA 60″ Multi-Level Cat Tree

The slightly smaller brother of the tree we chose as the best around is still big enough to earn a spot on our list.

You should be able to see some differences immediately from the image. To start, it loses the super high perch, but keeps the two others. It also loses a condo which it replaces with a hammock style bed between the two outer levels.

It seems like the perfect option for those with just the one or two cats as opposed to a whole house full. You still get the hanging sisal rope, the scratch pole legs and a super sturdy base.

The fabric is also identical to its bigger companion, that’s available in a different color too if dark grey isn’t your thing.

If you have just the one cat or even two, you might be better saving yourself the extra bucks by opting for this model which still has plenty to keep them entertained.

The drop in height (10 inches) also makes it a great cat tree for low ceilings when compared to some of the other giants we’ve reviewed.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a cheap cat tree this is your go-to product.

We love that it’s very reasonably priced and that it’s absolutely enormous. At 72 inches in height it’s the tallest on our list and as a result you do get an awful lot for your money.

It comes with two cozy condos and three tall perches, each perfect for summer naps. The faux fur is soft to the touch and seems as though it will hold up well with time.

The biggest factor that holds this tree back from greatness is that it doesn’t weigh all that much. It weighs almost half of what our top rated cat tree does, and it isn’t really enough to make it as sturdy as the best out there.

It doesn’t feel like it could be knocked over easily, but the lack of a heavy base means you do get some wobbling from the weight of a large cat.

All in all it’s a great budget option that is more than enough to serve three or four cats at once. It goes without saying you need a lot of height available in the room to be able to get the most out of this bad boy. High ceilings only!

Vesper Cat Furniture Tree

The Vesper Cat Furniture set earns its place on our list for style and durability.

It has to be one of the best looking cat trees out there mostly due to the wood levels that make for a really pretty, modern finish.

Not only do they look great, the high quality wood panels give the cat tree a strong sturdy base so there’s absolutely no wobbling. Vesper manufacture a whole range of similar cat furniture, each made with durable, cat-friendly materials.

We love that it’s very easy to clean, unlike most of the other trees we’ve featured here. The two extra soft memory foam beds are removable and the wood surface allows for the wiping up of any spills.

It’s probably best suited to those with one or two cats, since it offers very little in terms of entertainment.

Why your cat needs a cat tree

Cat trees can vastly improve the quality of life your cat has. Regardless of whether they’re indoor cats or outdoor cats, a safe place within the home that they can mark as their own territory comes with a whole host of health benefits for you both.

Cats are often much more relaxed when they feel they have a foothold in the area they’re occupying.

Having the option of a tree in the corner of the room is the best way to make them feel at ease in social situations, since it offers them a familiar place to run and hide should things get overwhelming.

Larger cat trees give cats a multi level area where they can climb, scratch and sleep safe in the confines of your home or apartment. The reason cat trees are becoming so popular is that they’re truly the best way to give your cat a space they’re happy with, without causing too much disruption to your home.

A tower with multiple perches and levels can accommodate multiple cats at once, and give each an area to call their own. It also encourages cats within the same home to stay in close proximity, forming closer bonds with their furry friends and leading to a happier household.

Why getting a stylish cat tree is important

One of the most off putting factors when looking to buy a cat tree for your apartment or home is that they’re often an eyesore.

Some of the bigger pieces of furniture on the market can look really bulky and ugly. They take up so much space you’re often forced to look at them, so that isn’t a great mix.

Opting for a something that suits your home decor means that you’ll never resent the purchase, and your cat is very unlikely to notice the difference. They like sisal ropes to claw at and places to sleep, they don’t really care if the fur matches your cushions or not.

Designer furniture for cats often meets the needs of both cat and owner, keeping you happy in appearance and your cat happy in function. They’re becoming increasingly popular too, though you can often expect to spend more for a tree that looks good than you would for a cheap cat tree that doesn’t.

What makes a good modern cat tree?

A heavy base, comfy beds and plenty of different entertainment options are the first things on your list.

Your new playpen needs to accommodate each of your cat’s many moods. Soft faux fur linings are perfect for winter napping, while free standing cat perches make for a good vantage point in warmer months or climates.

Having some options on the lower levels is likely to make the condos more suitable for older cats and kittens. They probably won’t be too keen on jumping right to the top, so having some hanging toys and a basket at the bottom will be plenty to keep them happy.

A big cat tree doesn’t necessarily have to be for big cats. It goes without saying that if you have a large cat, you’ll need a larger tree to handle their weight without wobbling.

Even so, a bigger tree gives medium sized cats so much more room, making them perfect for owners with multiple cats who don’t want to share a small area on the same cat tree.

Where’s the best place to put a cat tree?

Placement matters. If you opt for an isolated part of the house, your cats might not get the full range of use out of it. This is also true for areas that too busy, with people walking past frequently and disturbing them.

A happy medium should be found, a nice relaxed room that is semi-social but not enough to constantly disturb them.

Most towers and posts will be heavy and sturdy enough to be able to stand freely anywhere in the room. If you don’t feel that the tree can withstanding the force of a running cat jumping onto it, then it makes sense to place it in a corner where it can’t be knocked over.

Health benefits of a cat tree in your home

The inclusion of a cat trees in your home or apartment does a fantastic job of offering entertainment and interaction to your cat with very little effort on your part.

Indoors is a boring place for cats. Us humans are perfectly content with remaining on ground level, but for cats, there’s a whole different dimension to the world.

Most owners will recognize that cats have a fondness for high perches and windowsills. This gives them an excellent vantage point over the room and is something they instinctively appreciate.

As well as providing your cat with a safe space, a good cat condo will come equipped with plenty of sisal rope covered posts (the same material used in scratching posts), that allow your cat to keep their nails in check.

If you don’t want your furniture ripped to shreds on a daily basis, buying a cat tower with scratching posts will make a big difference. Your cat is going to scratch something, there’s no stopping them, so make sure it’s a piece of cat furniture that you choose and not whatever they can get their claws into.

Is it worth buying a cat tree?

If you’ve just skimmed through and didn’t catch the compelling reasons we discussed, then let’s summarize quickly.

It’s absolutely worth buying a high quality cat climbing tree. It boosts your cat’s happiness, health and gives them an opportunity to wear down their claws on something other than your furniture.

Each modern cat tree on our list brings something different to the table, so take a closer look at each and decide which best suits your individual needs.

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