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The Best Cat Window Perches

Best Cat Perches

Welcome to the wonderful world of cat perches… perfect for indoor cats and for cats who don’t like to miss a trick in their neighbourhood (that’s all of them then).

Cats have a knack of finding the best places to take a nap or to watch what’s going on around them. The humble cat window perch is the perfect solution to help your cat achieve both those aims.

Here, we review the best perches on the market and guide you through the process of choosing the best cat window perch for your own feline member of the family.

You’ll spot various features in this collection of window perches for cats, giving you lots to think about before buying your perfect perch. Most are surprisingly affordable, which gives most cat owners more choice than they might believe.

Once you know how you want the window perch to attach, you’ll find it easier to select the best one for your cat. There are two ways to attach the perches, as you’ll see in our guide below. We highlight the best cat window perches to buy in each case.

The Best Cat Window Perches

1. K&H Deluxe Kitty Sill with Bolster

This is one of the pricier models on the market, yet it offers exceptional comfort and luxury for a discerning cat. The deluxe model features a bolster running around the back and tapering off on each side. It can also be easily removed if required.

The interior area is sure to tempt your cat for a snooze, thanks to the super soft microfleece finish. Measuring 14 x 24 x 10 inches, it also makes a sizeable spot your cat is sure to love.

The cover can be removed for machine washing, while the bed can accommodate cats up to 40lbs. Finally, the hook-and-loop design allows for easy installation to any windowsill.

2. K&H EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Cradle

The design of this window-mounted cradle acts as one of the best perches for taking that afternoon snooze. The minimalist design is pleasing for cat owners too, easily attaching to any window with the four suction cups provided, while taking up less space than some other options. The bed measures 20 x 11 x 2 inches and is sure to be a cosy spot to retreat to.

The unusual design is made from cardboard; therefore, it provides a dual-purpose bed and scratching area. Refills are available whenever required, ensuring your cradle lasts longer than ever.

3. Oster Sunny Seat Cat Window Perch

This Sunny Seat cat perch model is designed so your cat can enjoy a snooze in the sun whenever possible. Ideal for kittens and adult cats, the maximum weight is a hefty 50lbs, so it is ideal for multiple cat households. Simple installation is achieved via the strong suction cups.

The versatile perch includes a removable cover for easy washing. The intelligent design means your cat gets to enjoy prime position by the window, while still allowing plenty of light through and past the bed.

Plenty of room to spread out too, thanks to the generous 12 x 22-inch size.

4. K&H EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Sill

If you want to purchase a combo cat scratcher and cat windowsill perch, this is the best model for you. The design measures 20 x 11 x 2 inches and is made from cardboard, allowing your cat to groom their claws whenever required. Strong cords are connected to suction cups ready for attaching to the window.

The Kitty Sill range includes cardboard refills for when the existing one wears out. Far cheaper than replacing a whole perch.

The product also includes a bag of catnip, so if your cat needs some encouraging to use the perch for the first time, you have the tools to assist!

5. K&H Kitty Sill Cat Perch

This wonderful cat sill product attaches to your window sill using the fasteners provided. The brackets are also fully adjustable. However, it also comes with screws should you decide to use them to keep the perch in the same fixed spot.

Measuring 14 x 24 inches, this is one of the best cat window perches for older cats and those with joint issues, thanks to the orthopaedic foam of the bed. This is completed with a washable fleecy cover for total comfort.

Ideal for cats weighing up to 40lbs, the cat perch is a comfy and pleasing addition to any windowsill in your home.

A Guide to Buying a Perfect Cat Window Perch

Cat On Window Sill

Cats – are they nosy or just afraid of missing something happening on their turf? Either way, they love comfort, and if they can combine indoor comfort with the ability to keep an eye on what’s occurring outdoors, they’ll likely do so.

This is where the cat window perch comes into play.

What is the purpose of a cat window perch?

Let’s face it, the average windowsill isn’t too cat friendly. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a large window seat complete with made-to-measure cushions, your cat isn’t going to feel too comfy.

Instead of letting them make the best of it, you could buy a comfortable cat bed specifically designed to allow your cat to look out of the window. Designed to suit most windows, these beds offer the best of both worlds – comfort and the Nosiness Factor turned up to the max.

Before you buy, though, it’s wise to know exactly what to look for. Let’s check out a few considerations that rank above the rest.

What is the weight limit?

Some cat window perches have a far lower limit than others. This is fine for kittens or cats that are light, but if you have a larger breed, you’ll want something that holds more weight. Check the maximum limit and make sure your cat doesn’t run too close to it. You want a little leeway to work with.

This is even more important if you own two or more cats. You can’t tell one of them they must wait until their mates are done using it. We’re the servants, remember? If a cat wants to use it, it will… so be sure the one you choose is up for the task. Even if all your cats decide to use it at once.

Look at size too, as this also comes into play. Most cats like to stretch out, so be sure the perch you select offers them the chance to do this.

How does the perch fix into position?

There are two main designs to look for:

The suction cups may not seem sturdy enough to work, but many leading designs use these to make sure the bed stays in place. You can check them occasionally to make sure they are still firmly in place. The other advantage of using them is that you can hang them from most pieces of glass – including a set of patio doors. They’re not limited to the windowsill, giving you greater versatility. They’re also ideal if you are renting and you cannot use screws anywhere.

Be aware of weight and the potential effect it could have on the glass though. Double-glazed windows can withstand far more than single-glazed ones.

What is the cat perch made from?

You’ll see various materials in use here, but you want strong construction with long-lasting materials. These should be easy to either sponge clean or to remove and put through the washing machine. Some perches come with a cat bed that can easily be removed and washed whenever required. Steel, mesh, fabric, and plastic all have roles to play in a host of different perches for cats.

Some are designed to indulge your cat’s love of scratching too, either with wood or even cardboard elements. Some of these can be replaced with refills, depending on design.

Does your cat prefer enclosed spaces or open ones?

The open-style cat perch is much like a radiator hammock apart from the method used to attach it to the windowsill or window. Some come with a softer bed on top while others come ‘as is’, leaving you to provide something suitable for your cat.

The enclosed cat perch works on a box-style design, with panels providing a roof and walls. These have various holes the cat can use to get in and out of the perch. Some have a sturdy ceiling too, which gives a two-in-one design, as the cat can choose to curl up on top as well.

How much does a good cat window perch cost?

Cost is probably the least important element here (at least as far as your cat is concerned), but you’ll likely want to get good value for money. Be wary of super cheap ones as they are going to be made from cheaper (and possibly less robust) materials. Get the best you can afford, while taking note of the reviews from other purchasers.

Does design matter?

This may be more important for some cat owners than others. Only a few cat perches are available in different colours, allowing you to choose the best one for the room it will be used in. Most are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, while providing your cat with the luxury and position of nosiness they are looking for.


The best bet when selecting your perfect cat perch is to consider how you would like to fix it to the windowsill or window. If you rent, the suction cup solution would likely be best, although most perches that affix to the windowsill can be attached without screws.

It is also wise to think about how your cat feels most comfy. Do they prefer a bed or a hidey hole they can sneak into while watching the outside world? The good news is there is a cat window perch for every feline.

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