The Best Cat ID & Name Tags

Cat wearing ID tag

Having an ID tag for your cat is one of the best ways to ensure their safe return should they stray too far from home and get lost. Without one they’ll likely be taken to a shelter, making a successful recovery and return far less likely.

It’s a sad truth that accidents can and do happen. Cats do go missing occasionally and often through no fault of the owner. While microchip tagging can be used by professionals to discover the identity of the cat, it’s not something anyone on the street can do. If someone finds your kitty, having your contact information readily available is the only way to guarantee them the best chance of making it back home safely.

There are plenty of options out there for engraved cat name tags, most of which are super affordable these days. You could be forgiven for thinking that a tag is just a piece of metal regardless of the brand, but what’s the point purchasing something that you aren’t sure will last. In the worst case, a loose clasp could mean it gets lost before your cat does, providing no benefit at all to any rescue efforts.

You should always look for high quality stainless steel with laser engraving. The deeper the engraving on the tag, the longer it’ll last through all the wearing and scratching it’s bound to face during your cat’s life.

All of the ID tags for cats listed in the table below are fully customizable during the order process, but some allow for more lines of text than others. Needless to say, larger tags hold more text, but also pose a risk of irritating your cat due to their size and weight. We’ve listed the amount of lines that each of our favorite options hold for easy comparison.

Best Engraved Cat ID Tags

Many cat ID tags (particularly the round ones) allow you to select either a different shape entirely, or a different laser engraving on the front. Everything from symbols to animals are available for some of the metal ID tags, so be sure to check those out before you commit to purchasing.

Lets take a closer look at what sets them apart from the rest. Here is a list of the best cat ID tags and why they give your cat the best chance of making it home.

GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag

The GoTags Stainless Steel tag is the best selling and most popular custom ID tag for good reason. It’s extraordinarily high quality, and comes at a price than not many other options can rival.

One of the reasons it shines as the best option is that it allows for double sided engraving. That means you get 8 lines of text instead of the usual 4 with this style.

Having 8 lines means you can fit pretty much any and all information you think could give your cat the best chance of making it’s way home. We’ve written a little guide further down on some key items, but rest assured you’ll fit all those and more onto these bad-boys.

Their popularity is also down to how durable they are. The engraving itself is deep and seems as though it’d last a lifetime before wearing down.

Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

The Leash Boss Pet tag is probably our favorite option on the market.

It’s a little more expensive than the GoTags double sided tag, meaning it’s probably not the best buy objectively, but personally we feel the extra coin is worth it.

It’s so subtle when on a cat’s collar that you’ll hardly know it’s there. Unlike the myriad of ID tags for cats that hang down, it stands no chance of ever irritating your cat. It also allows for a full 5 lines of text, which is the most you’ll find on a single sided tag.

The slide-on style is made better by the small gaps on the clasps. This means it’s a perfect fit for adjustable collars. Most slide-on variants fall short of this since adjustable collars often have no clear start or end to fix them on.

The engraving itself is deep, and you can purchase the tag in a range of different sizes suitable for all collars.

GoTags Playful Pet ID Tag

Another GoTags ID tag for cats, but this time a little more playful and pretty.

Rather than getting double sided text engraving, this option allows for symbols to be displayed on the front side.

There are 7 different designs in total, each just as charming as the last and are guaranteed to make your cat look adorable wearing it.

Because you only get one side, you have 4 lines of text in which to fit your contact information, which is usually plenty. As with all of the GoTag steel name tags, they’re of a super high quality finish and are as durable as any other tags out there.

Since you only get 4 lines, you don’t really get as much use out of it as you do with the 8 line GoTag ID tag, but if you prefer your cat to look a little stylish then this is the one for you.

Indoor Cat ID Tag

It’s pretty self explanatory which cats this name tag is most suitable for, right? We have to include this one because it’s clearly one of the most effective ID tags for getting your cat returned safely out there.

It’s without a doubt a shining example of an ID tag for indoor cats, because if your indoor cat does manage to wander outside then it’s crucial the first person who sees them is aware that they belong indoors.

As with most round shaped tags, you get 4 lines of customizable text on the back to store information.

It’s a really high quality finish, and looks adorable around when fitted to your cat’s collar. You can see examples of cats wearing this stylish ID tag using the button below.

GoTags Designer Pet ID Tag

Last but not least we have GoTags Designer ID tag range. These cute little ID tags come with all the functionality and durability of any GoTags products but with an added bit of bling.

You get genuine Swarovski crystals on the front of each tag, and a total of 6 fun designs to choose from. The laser engraving is really well done as with the other GoTags products here.

Though the design shows as a black shape in the product photo, they’re actually reflective rather than black. Take a look at the GoTag Playful ID tags above to see an example of how they actually look in person.

What to put on a cat ID tag to get them returned safely?

Great, you’ve realized that you need a name tag for your cat, but before you get all excited and order a shiny new cat ID tag, you’ll be needing to do some thinking about what you’re going to put on the tag itself.

It’s worth thinking about, since it’s going to be your best hope at getting a lost cat home, and you can’t exactly change an engraved piece of metal without buying a new one.

We’ve done some of the thinking for you. Here are some items of information you should consider putting on your cats name tag to ensure a safe return.

Your cat’s name

You might be thinking wait, hang on. That isn’t going to get them home. You’re right, that information alone won’t get your cat home, but a name gives your cat an identity.

Someone who comes across your cat is much more likely to be sympathetic and recognize that your cat is a crucial part of your family if they see it at least has a name.

Reliable contact information

Don’t go putting a phone number that you don’t have access to 24/7. If your cat goes missing at any point, be sure there’s a contact number that you will always be around to answer. People may not try to phone you more than once before taking your cat to a shelter. You could even put both your own and your partner’s number if you’re able to.

Your home address

In the event that your cat is close enough to be returned immediately, that’s an option you want to give to the kind soul who finds your cat.

A notice if they’re an indoor cat

Indoor cats often have collars that say something along the lines of “If I’m outdoors, I’m lost”. This let’s the savior know that the cat is definitely wandering well out of their comfort zone and needs to be returned to home quickly.

Other important information

The above items are usually more than enough to ensure your cat is returned home should they fall into the hands of another kind human.

You can of course expand on the items above, including your veterinarian’s contact information is another common item that cat owners add.

Some also note whether their cat is micro-chipped or not. It’s up to you what you feel comfortable adding, but the four items we mentioned above are usually staples on a cat ID tag.

What makes a good cat ID tag?

Here are some features that separate the best cat ID tags from the rest. You should look for all of the following qualities in any ID tag you buy for your cat.


Durability is the first thing that comes to mind. You need a steel name tag that is going to last.

It needs to be durable in the sense that it doesn’t come loose easily and get lost before your cat does! It also needs to be durable as far as the engraving is concerned.

Poor quality materials will mean any engraving or laser printing will soon wear away. Likewise, poor engraving won’t be sticking around for the long run either.

Cats get in all sorts of shapes and it’s highly likely the collar and ID tag will be scraped against a whole host of different surfaces. Durability really matters.

Size and Weight

It needs to be comfortable for your cat. A heavy collar will irritate your cat an awful lot, as will a huge swinging name tag right under their chin.

Good quality materials ensure that your collar is durable and lightweight. You don’t need a steel beam to engrave some basic contact info, so keep the size of the tag you buy reasonable.

The best engraved cat ID tags will have deep, clear and concise engraving, so they don’t really need to be all that big to fit everything on in a readable fashion.

Compatible with your collar

Some adjustable collars don’t have a start and end where you could fit a slide-on ID tag. You’ll end up pretty disappointed if you find you have that combination.

Not to fear, there are options that will fit for every collar. You should be able to tell just by looking at most name tags whether or not they’ll be able to clip or slide on to the existing collar.

Check your collar beforehand and be sure it’s a suitable match to avoid disappointment and inevitably having to buy another one.


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