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The Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

Cat Wearing Halloween Costume

This Halloween is the perfect excuse to make your cat the center of attention with an adorable costume. We’ve searched high and low to find the best Halloween costumes for cats that are sure to bring the aww-factor this year.

I can’t help but crack a smile at any cat outfit with front-facing arms, but my personal favorite cat Halloween costume for the year is the Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume. It’s the perfect blend of adorable and hilarious. I haven’t been able to stop smiling since I first laid eyes on it.

If dinosaurs aren’t quite your thing, fear not. This lovingly crafted list of the best cat Halloween costumes is bound to have something that you can’t resist giving a go.

Cat Halloween Costume Tips

Cat Halloween Costume

All of the Halloween cat costumes we’ve chosen for this list are lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to put on and remove.

With that taken care of, the most important thing for you to do when buying one of our recommended Halloween costumes for cats is getting the sizing right. Cats (as you no doubt already know!) are incredibly fussy, especially when it comes to costumes.

To be sure their new Halloween costume fits without issue, you should measure your cat’s neck, chest and body length. Armed with these three measurements, you should be able to find the perfect sized Halloween outfit.

Keep an eye out for manufacturer size guides, which will help you determine the correct outfit size for your cat. If your cat is between two sizes, always opt for the larger of the two sizes. That way they’ll be as comfortable as they are cute!

The Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

1. Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Cat Halloween Costume

This adorable stegosaurus dinosaur outfit is the perfect cat costume for Halloween this year. Turn your adorable kitty into an even more adorable little dinosaur with this hilarious two-piece costume that is super easy to fasten and remove.

Dressing a cat will never be entirely fuss-free, but by popping your cats front legs through the costume, leaving their hind legs free, and fastening the velcro belly strap, this cat costume can be fitted in no-time.

For me, there’s no other costume around that comes close to this level of cute, which is why I’m happy to recommend it as this year’s best cat costume for Halloween.

2. Frisco Pumpkin Cat Halloween Costume

What says Happy Halloween better than having your very own adorable little pumpkin running around? This super straightforward Halloween costume is fitted with a plush neck and belly strap, and comes with an added cap to take the style up to eleven this holiday season.

I’d highly recommend this as the perfect cat Halloween outfit for anyone who thinks they might have trouble getting their cat to wear a legged costume.

3. Frisco Front Walking Werewolf Cat Costume

Front walking costumes are a clear favorite among cat owners (including myself) for an obvious reason — they’re absolutely hilarious. Watching your little werewolf tear around in this adorable Halloween outfit is a priceless experience that’ll leave you counting down the days to next Halloween for an excuse to see it again.

As with all the costumes we’ve chosen, it’s lightweight, comfortable and very easy to put on using the velcro fasteners. Complete with ripped pants and a plaid shirt, this is the ideal Halloween costume for long haired cats. They can skip the furry hat altogether and look just as good!

4. Frisco Be My Boo Cat Halloween Costume

Time for something a little more cute and cosy. The Frisco Be My Boo cat costume is the ideal cosy cat outfit for Halloween. It’s a soft, polyester hoodie featuring two adorable ghost characters on the back, a perfect subtle nod to the Halloween theme.

Fitting the hoodie is as easy as slipping it on, the same way you or I would, and it fits snuggly enough to be secure and comfortable without being restrictive. For cat owners who want a slightly more subtle cat costume this Halloween, look no further.

5. UPS Delivery Driver Cat Costume

One the all time favorite pet costume designs, this UPS delivery driver cat outfit is eye-wateringly cute. It features a front-walking style outfit that fits comfortably over your cats front legs, and an adorable little UPS cap to finish the look. You also get an adorable tiny plush package that attached by velcro to the faux arms at the front of the outfit.

Delivery driver cat costumes are one of my favorites, and this UPS version hits the nail on the head. This outfit is definitely the best way for your cat to steal all the attention this Halloween.

6. Frisco Bread Cat Costume

If you’re up to speed on your internet memes, you’ll hopefully have heard of #catbreading. This adorable little costume is a fast and easy way to toast Halloween without having to get your cat into a more elaborate cat costume.

It’s a one-size-fits-all costume that attaches securely with a simple velcro fastener and looks absolutely adorable. If you’re looking for a funny cat Halloween costume, you won’t get much funnier than this. We think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

7. Frisco Shark Attack Cat Costume

Shark attack! Dress your kitty up as a terrifyingly cute shark this Halloween with the Frisco shark attack costume. This is without a doubt one of the best Halloween cat costumes this year, you’d be mad not to give it a go.

The two piece cat Halloween outfit is soft and plushy to the touch, and fits securely with two velcro staps. It’s suitable for use with a leash, meaning you can take to the streets and turn heads wherever you go.

8. Frisco Hotdog Cat Costume

A real close contender for the best funny cat costume of all time, the Frisco Hotdog cat costume gets me rolling with laughter every time I see it. There’s no better way to confuse your trick-or-treaters than with a walking, meowing… hot-dog.

The costume itself is a one-piece bun, complete with sesame seeds and all the usual condiments, just fasten the neck and belly straps and you’re away. This is definitely one for your cat to relish.

Wrapping Up

There we have it. Our list of the best cat costumes for Halloween is bound to have something that you can’t resist, so just make sure to keep sizing in mind and fire away.

The costumes we’ve chosen are all of a very high quality and are soft to the touch, but it’s important to remember that cat costumes, regardless of season, are intended to be worn for a short duration and under constant supervision. Don’t let your cat roam free outdoors wearing a costume that could get them stuck!

Happy Halloween!

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