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The Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Best Christmas Gifts Cat Lovers

Whether you’ve got a special cat lover in your life or just want to treat yourself, Christmas is a time for giving. We’ve pulled out all the stops to round-up some of the best Christmas gifts for cat lovers that will bring a smile to their faces this festive period.

If you want to find a gift for your cat-loving friend that they can enjoy year-round, look no further than the adorable Entryways Peeping Cats Handwoven Doormat. The brilliant peeping kitty design gives a warm welcome to anyone approaching your front door.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

1. Entryways Peeping Cats Handwoven Doormat

This has to be one of the cutest doormats I’ve ever seen and it’s the perfect gift for a cat lover this Christmas. What better way for guests to clean their feet (and paws) than using this adorable kitty doormat?

This isn’t one of those short-lived gimmicky gifts either. It’s handwoven using real coir, has a slip-resistant PVC backing and was hand-stenciled using eco-friendly fade resistant dye. It’s safe to say that this gift is built to welcome people home for years to come.

This is a great gift and one to keep any cat lover smiling every time they arrive home, which is why I consider it the best Christmas gift for cat lovers this year.

2. Frisco Pawsitive Vibes Cat Themed Thermos

Contrary to popular belief, not all cat lovers sit at home all day surrounded by their army of fur babies. If you’ve got a cat-loving friend who’s always on the go this gift is a great choice.

It’s customizable and allows you to add photos of a pet as well as personalized text. The stainless-steel thermos flask is excellent quality, and whether it’s filled with a hot drink or soup it’ll stay warm all day long.

The flask itself is brilliant and the added touch of being able to personalize it will warm your friend’s heart as well as their belly every time they use it.

3. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

Whether you’ve got a cat-loving best friend or want to give a work colleague a few laughs, this book of cat poems is a great gift. The book is written from a cat’s perspective and gives hilarious insights into their behavioral traits.

I find myself gifting this to someone every single year and it’s guaranteed to have them laughing out loud. With titles like “Who Is That on Your Lap?” and “Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs” it’s easy to see why.

This book makes a brilliant stocking stuffer and it just had to make our list. It’s sure to give anyone who loves cats fits of laughter every time they pick it up.

4. Pearhead Pawprints Cat Desk Frame

This is a beautiful and unique gift that any loving cat owner will appreciate for a lifetime. The frame holds a personalized picture as well as a pet paw print and is made from solid wood with an espresso finish. Once you’ve added the picture and paw print, this frame’s elegant enough to take pride of place in any room of the house.

Creating a paw print from your cat is simple, you press the kitties paw into the soft air-drying clay (which is non-toxic) and put it in the frame, the footprint then dries within 24-48 hours. This is a fabulous present if you want to give a unique gift that will never be forgotten.

5. Design Imports Printed Cat Themed Chef’s Apron

This gift is a great choice for the cat moms and dads who love cooking. It helps protect clothes in the kitchen and makes sure the chef looks amazing at the same time. I just love the variety of adorable kitty silhouettes that cover the apron from top to bottom.

It’s designed to fit any sized chef and is completely adjustable without any buckles, which makes getting the apron to fit perfectly a piece of cake.

6. CATffeinated Cat Themed Coffee Mug

Nothing beats relaxing with your cat after a long day’s work, but something that makes it even better is a warm drink. This hilarious yet adorable mug will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

The design of the mug jokingly animates the effects caffeine has on a cat. The mug shows a crazy CATffeinated picture of a kitty on one side, with a deCATf picture of the cat peacefully sleeping on the other.

The pawprint design shows white paws on the outside and black paws on the interior, so just like your cat this mug can be loved inside and out.

7. The Cat Behavior Answer Book

If the cat lover in your life wonders why their cat behaves so strangely, this answer book is a great tool to help them learn. An excellent gift for new and experienced cat owners, the book will help them maximize the time they spend with their furry friends.

Covering topics such as obsessions with catnip, chasing mice and their kneading habits the book goes deep into cat behavioral and personality traits.

8. Yes, I Really Do Need All These Cats Box Sign

This is the perfect gift for people with multiple cats! The humorous message and stylish design create a great ornament to display an owner’s affection for their cats proudly. After all, there’s no such thing as too many cats.

It’s covered with adorable kitty paw prints and made out of real wood, with a vintage design that suits any decor. This gift will be appreciated by all animal lovers that enter your home and adds a real touch of personality to the room.

Tips on Buying Christmas Gifts for a Cat Lover

Chirstmas Gifts Cat Lovers

I personally believe the key to buying a great Christmas gift is choosing something that can be enjoyed all year-round.

It’s probably easier to buy for someone you know well, and you’ll get bonus points for combining their love of cats with another of their hobbies. For example, if you know they love cooking as well as kitties, a cat themed Christmas gift like the apron on our list would be an ideal present!

Whether you’re buying for a best friend or someone you work with the more detective work you can do on their other hobbies and interests the better.

That’s a Wrap

With so many potential gifts around, it can be difficult to find a great Christmas gift for cat lovers. Hopefully, our list has pointed you in the right direction and given you some creative inspiration.

We wish you all the best in your search and hope you find the purrfect gift for your friends or family this Christmas.

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