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The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

Cat Litter Box Furniture

It’s one thing to have cat toys scattered around your home. It’s quite another to have a litter tray in full view. It may well be a necessity, but it sure would be nice to hide it.

Fortunately, there are some good people who thought the same and have created a series of cat litter box furniture items to achieve that aim. We review some of the best litter box furniture you can buy today and discover what you should be looking for when buying these items. This could be an item of furniture you never knew you needed.

The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

Hmm, what should you look for and which items have proven to be big sellers in the marketplace? One thing is clear – kitty has lots of options.

We’ve scoured the market to make sure we can highlight the best kitty litter furniture items available today. When you start looking for something suitable, the following furniture pieces will keep on appearing. You can also check out our guide below to get some more advice on what to look for. When you see the range below, you might realize this is something you can’t do without any longer.

1. Merry Products Decorative Cat Litter Box Furniture

This superb washroom bench is ideal if you would like to keep the litter tray out of the way in a bathroom or utility room. Available in white or walnut, the wooden unit measures 21.26in by 37.4in by 22.64in, so you’re getting a sizeable unit that is ideal for storage along with hiding the litter tray.

It also comes with a removable partition, so you can place the litter tray in one half of the unit and keep the other half for storage. Its generous measurements also make this unit perfect for larger litter trays and multi-cat homes.

2. Arf Pets Designer Enclosed Cat Litter Box Furniture

This smart unit includes a handy shelf just above the main litter box area, with plenty of room on top of the unit to hold plants and other items as desired.

Perfect for use in a bathroom or any other room in the home, the wooden unit could also make the ideal bed tucked away from everyone else in the house. A good reason to buy two, perhaps? It measures 20.9in by 19.7in by 25.3in and offers a generous amount of space inside.

It is finished with ventilation holes in the rear of the unit, which are out of sight.

3. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Planter Cat Litter Box Furniture

If you would prefer something different, how about this planter? No, not a real planter – the hidden cat litter tray planter gives you a charming clay-effect pot with a sizeable entrance for your cat to use. The fake plant looks very convincing, complete with ‘moss’ around the base to complete the look. It also features a filtered vent system to reduce any odors and dust from the litter tray.

Despite its heavy appearance, this hidden planter is made from lightweight plastic. It can easily be moved around and cleaned as required. Practical, unusual, and fun!

4. Trixie Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box Cover

This beautiful unit is available in white or brown, ensuring it fits in seamlessly in most areas of your home. Made from solid wood, it weighs in at nearly 20lbs and measures 19.25in by 20in by 20in, providing a nice square appearance. Arriving in flatpack format, it comes with all the hardware you’ll need to build the finished furniture in no time.

A neat cat door is built into the main door of the unit, which opens fully for you when cleaning is needed. You’ll notice there are several large ventilation holes in the back too.

5. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Cat Litter Box Furniture

Available in no fewer than four colors and two sizes, the ecoFLEX cat litter box unit is ideal for homes with just one cat or those with several. The eco name is borne out with eco-friendly recycled materials used in its construction. It is washable and easy to clean, since the absence of wood means nothing will split or be damaged.

Tool-free construction makes life easier for you, with plenty of room inside for the litter tray. There are cut-out sections at the top of each of the side panels too, ensuring ventilation is taken care of.

Buying Cat Litter Box Furniture: What You Need to Know

Cat Litter Box Furniture Guide

Many cat owners are surprised to learn they don’t need to have their cat’s litter box on show. There are plenty of varied ways you can hide it away and still allow free access by your kitty when they need to use it.

Litter box furniture comes in many finishes, colors, and styles. While that does mean it could take a while to figure out what you need, it also guarantees you’ll find the right solution for you and your feline. We’ve highlighted the main points to think about before you buy furniture to hide that litter tray.

Are you looking for a functional piece of furniture?

If you are going to hide away that litter box, it makes sense to make good use of the furniture you’re going to put it in. Some cabinets have shelves above the main litter box area, perhaps a drawer, or other storage options. This is ideal for storing related items. For example, if there is a separate storage area hidden away, you can use it to store replacement litter, a scoop, and some bags.

You can also consider a larger unit with a seat built into the top. The entrance on this type of unit is usually at one side. These units are usually pricier, but they do offer a charming alternative if your budget can go that far.

Side door or front door?

Your cat probably won’t mind either way – this is more an aesthetic point of view. If you want to make the furniture blend in as much as possible, a side door is going to be less noticeable. If you’re not too worried, a front door would be fine.

Incidentally, you can even get a fake ‘clay’ pot with a plant in the top that looks like the real thing… except with a litter tray inside it. Turn that around so the entrance faces the wall, and no one will ever know. You can see that blending in is something you can do in several ways when looking for this furniture.

What should it be made of?

Many litter box furniture items are made from wood and are available in several natural shades. However, there are ones that are made from plastic. We found a recycled plastic option that is better for the environment, for example.

How easy is it to clean?

When viewing various furniture options for hiding away the litter tray, consider how easy it will be to remove the tray and clean around inside the enclosure. If it looks awkward to do, chances are it will be. A removable top or side panel is essential, especially if the cabinet holds other items in a storage space too. You won’t want to remove everything each time you want to clean out the litter tray. You won’t want to move the entire unit to clean it either.

Does it have good ventilation?

You may think that enclosing a litter tray is not a good idea. After all, it means you’re going to create less airflow around the tray… and that can increase the chances of a stinky situation arising. We’d recommend using clumping litter to minimize pongs – perhaps a lightly fragranced one too.

When looking at different enclosures, make sure you find out how many ventilation holes there are. Of course, there is the entrance the cat will use, but are there holes elsewhere as well?

Is it big enough?

Some of these cat litter furniture items are bigger than others. Think about whether you have just one cat and a standard litter box or two or more cats with a bigger litter tray. Always measure before purchase – most items should give you the exterior and interior dimensions, so you can check your litter box will fit.

What color is it?

Some items of furniture come with different color options. Others give you just the one shade, so you should check that it will fit with your décor. You’ll usually see brown, white, black, and several neutral shades that should blend into any home with ease. Think about where you are going to place the unit and consider which colors might be best suited to that location.

How expensive is it?

Price does come into play, of course. Some of the more basic furniture items are much cheaper than others. The price typically depends on the features, build quality, and size of each cabinet or unit.

We advise you to create a shortlist of desired cabinets first, looking at the various points we have raised above and thinking about which one would be best for your cat and your home. You can then list them according to price and consider how far you would be prepared to stretch your budget to get the item you want.


It’s surprising how many varied designs there are on the market. We were impressed with the realistic hidden planter design – that’s probably our favorite and a winner for innovation. The cabinets might prove more practical in the end though. It’s best to decide whether you simply want to hide the litter tray or want to store your cat litter in the same unit. Once you know the answer, you’ll be more easily able to find what you need.

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