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The Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Cat Litters Multiple Cats

How do you choose the right cat litter to use? Clumping or non-clumping? Price? Performance? Whatever you go by, chances are you don’t consider the number of cats you have.

We’re going to explore the best cat litters for multiple cats – the ones you’ll be glad you bought. We’ve got advice, our top picks, things to look for, and more besides.

Even if you are happy with the product your cats use now, cat litter formulas are constantly evolving; there could well be a better multiple cat option out there that will have significant benefits for you.

The Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

The best cat litters for multiple cats have fast-clumping mechanisms that quickly contain spills and trap in odors. Typically, multi-cat cat litters also have a high focus on producing little dust, since multiple cats are likely to kick up much more of a mess than a single cat would.

If you are wondering where to begin, start with our expertly recommended options below. These regularly get excellent reviews from other cat owners, and we’ve found them to be among the best options on the market today.

Arm & Hammer Litter Easy Clean-Up Multiple Cat Litter Yes Scented Almost None
World's Best Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Litter Yes Unscented Almost None
Scoop Away Scented Scoopable Multiple Cat Litter Yes Scented Very Little
Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter Yes Scented Very Little
Tidy Cats Glade Clumping Cat Litter Yes Scented Very Little
Frisco Fresh Scent Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter Yes Scented Very Little

Look out for deals to reduce cost on each pack you get too – another way to find a good solution. You’ll see there are multiple benefits involved with each pack. Consider the various elements we cover in our guide below to see which one would be best for your felines.

After spending countless hours seeking out the best multi-cat litters, we’ve settled on a handful of ones we’re sure are worth buying. Below are the best cat litters for multiple cats that act fast to contain spills and have very little dust.

1. Arm & Hammer Multiple Cat Slide Easy Clean-Up Cat Litter

Clumping: Yes | Scent: Scented | Dust: Almost None

The first thing you’ll notice about this litter is the size of the granules. Yep, granules rather than larger pieces that look more like gravel.

When liquid hits the granules, it is immediately sucked up. You can then scoop it out and leave all untouched litter in the tray.

There is no dust with this product, and you can look forward to seven days of odor control too. It is also lightweight, so a small pack goes way further than you might suppose.

Finally, the litter tray is much easier to clean with minimal work required. Available in four convenient sizes from 14lb to 38lb packs.

2. World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Litter

Clumping: Yes | Scent: Unscented | Dust: Almost None

This product is available in three sizes – a 7lb bag ideal for testing purposes, and 14lb and 28lb sizes as well. It also uses whole-kernel corn and wood fibers scented with lavender to keep your litter trays smelling fresh.

One 28lb bag would last around 30 days if you have four cats or around 60 days if you have two cats, so it represents excellent value for money too. Fast to clump during use, you can easily scoop out used litter and keep the rest of the litter ready for the next use.

It is also environmentally friendly – another plus point to consider.

3. Scoop Away Scented Scoopable Multiple Cat Litter

Clumping: Yes | Scent: Scented | Dust: Very Little

This generous 42lb-size of four resealable packs of cat litter from Scoop Away was created to help prevent stinky odors from your cats’ litter tray.

Designed to clump within seconds of being used, the litter also uses plant extracts to minimize any odors. The extracts are released whenever kitty steps into the tray, ensuring a fresh wave of appealing scents is smelt. The formula is designed to keep things smelling fresh for up to 10 days, depending on usage.

Scoopable for easy clean-up and made with a low dust formula, you’ll find storage convenient too.

4. Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping: Yes | Scent: Scented | Dust: Very Little

Available in three convenient sizes, this Fresh Step clumping cat litter is designed to make it easy to scoop out used litter, leaving the rest ready for use next time.

The granules suck up liquids and prevent stray liquid from getting to the bottom of the tray. Clean up has never been easier! It has been designed to include Febreze Freshness, giving you a pleasant aroma every time you venture near.

Tracking occurs less frequently with this multi-cat formula too, meaning less litter finds its way to other areas of your home.

5. Tidy Cats Glade Clumping Multi-Cat Litter

Clumping: Yes | Scent: Scented | Dust: Very Little

This Tidy Cats product from Purina also features Glade for a tough solution to indoor odors. You can purchase it as a 14lb or 20lb jug or as a 35lb pail. It comes with a light and appealing fragrance specifically designed to neutralize the odor of ammonia.

It forms tight clumps when combined with fluids, giving you the chance to easily scoop out any used litter when required. This makes the remaining litter last longer, as only the required amount is used to suck up the moisture.

It is also designed to be 99.9% dust free and is made from clay. It is easy to pour and store, too.

6. Frisco Fresh Scent Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping: Yes | Scent: Scented | Dust: Very Little

If you are looking for the ideal multi-cat litter that clumps tightly and smells good too, this Frisco Fresh Scent product could be the answer.

Available in two convenient bag sizes, the litter clumps when used. A slotted scoop can then remove the used litter, leaving everything else behind to be used when required. Top up when needed with the low dust, natural clay litter solution.

Ammonia odors are tackled and controlled, while the fresh scent should make any home more appealing.

Guide To Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Multiple Cats

If you have just introduced a second cat into your family, you might wonder why you should switch to using cat litter designed for use by more than one cat. If you already have two or more cats, you probably already know why a specific litter is better. You might even be searching for the best one to buy – hence this guide.

We’re going to go through the various things you need to think about before choosing the ideal multi-cat litter. You’ll then realize just what you need to look for.

Clumping litter or non-clumping?

These are likely terms you are already familiar with. Clumping is always our preferred option, regardless of cat quantity. When your cat pees, the wet litter pieces clump together. The liquid doesn’t spread out to contaminate other litter in the tray.

This means you can simply scoop out the affected litter and be confident everything left behind is clean and smells fresh. It wastes less litter and means you won’t need to replace the entire box as often as you otherwise would.

Clumping cat litter also tends to reduce any odor you’d otherwise notice – another reason why people need to replace litter. Look out for additional items such as baking soda included in the litter. This does a great job of reducing the smell.

Top tip: Get non-clumping for kittens

This is an important point, as some kittens seem keen on eating their mess… and if there is litter clumped into it, that doesn’t seem to put them off. So, for safety reasons, non-clumping litter is preferable if you’re dealing with kittens.

Scented littler or unscented litter?

Some litters come with added scent, but this does not apply across the range. There are pros and cons to getting something with added fragrance:

Can you flush the litter?

Is there such a thing as flushable litter? Yes, and since plenty of cat litter ends up in the general waste going to landfill locations, anything we can do to reduce that burden seems like a good idea to us.

Some brands have designed eco-friendly litter that can indeed be flushed down the toilet without causing any adverse effects. You can expect this type of litter to be pricier than the standard stuff though, so your budget is going to come into play here.

Is it a dust free cat litter?

If you have ever used a cheap cat litter, you may have noticed there is a lot of dust involved. Even though you get little chunks of litter that may or may not clump, you’ll also see a cloud of dust appear whenever you pour some into a clean tray.

That dust can potentially be harmful if inhaled, either by you or by your cats. It also makes the surrounding area dusty, which creates another issue for you to deal with.

It makes it more likely your cats will track the dust into the surrounding area too. So, go for recommended dust free cat litters if you can.

Is it a hypoallergenic cat litter?

Look for hypoallergenic brands and formulas if you can. Some cats aren’t bothered by this, but you may not realize they have an issue until you try one.

Make sure you don’t change anything else in your cat’s diet or daily habits when you try a new multiple cat litter product. That way, if they do react badly to it, you’ll know it probably is down to that litter. You can then swap it out for something else and see how they react to that. Looking at ingredients for cat litter might seem strange, but it can be very revealing. A low dust formula is also good to choose if they do exhibit problems.

What would your cat prefer to use?

We all know cats can be a little… picky at times. Some cats are happy to use whatever litter you put down. Others will turn their noses and tails up at one and only ever use a specific brand or type.

Your best bet is to select whichever litter you think is best and see what happens. It could be some of your cats like it and others do not. You’ll probably have more than one litter box around anyway since you have multiple cats, so you might need one type of litter in one and a different one in the other.

Plenty of things to think about here then. The aim is to get a cost-effective litter that works well, reduces odor, lasts for a while, and is liked by your cats and you.


There are several notable brands on the market today. You’ll see price varies a lot between brands too. However, consider what you are getting each time. Are you looking for a brand with outstanding eco-friendly credentials or one that guarantees it smells good throughout use? Balance your budget with the performance of the litter you can afford. Sometimes, it is worth spending more to get a better litter, especially when multiple cats are going to use it. It could mean fewer clean-up duties for you each day and happier cats too.

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