FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Post Pad


Length: 23.6" | Width: 21.6" | Height: 67.0"

The FEANDREA luxury cat tree and condo sets the bar very, very high for the competition with it’s gorgeous appearance and super sturdy base. As soon as we had it assembled we knew we’d found the king of all cat trees.

Our favorite aspect of this cat tree is the price tag. Given the quality of the build materials we were amazed to pick it up for around the $100 mark. Bargain.

If the dark plush fur isn’t something you see fitting in with your home decor, fear not. It also comes in a much lighter gray that looks great in open plan, light houses.

We’re used to an industry where good looking cat furniture comes around once in a blue moon, and when it does, it’s usually mega expensive. This tree is a total breath of fresh air.

What Does It Offer?

This cat tree has an awful lot to offer. Three tall perches make it the perfect cat tree for multiple cats. Each of the three perches has a dangling ball that cats have a hard time leaving alone.

We got our hands on the 67″ tall version, though it has a baby brother that comes in at 56″ if you don’t quite have the vertical space to accommodate the biggest one.

The two large bed spaces are perfect for fitting even the biggest of cats. Before this, we’d been really satisfied with our existing cat tree from Midwest Homes, but the extra condo and the amount of space provided makes this hands down the best cat tree for large cats.

A super sturdy base means you’d have a hard time toppling this over yourself, there’s absolutely no chance a cat could manage it.

In the past we’ve had to keep trees and condos in the corner of the room, pressed closely to the wall in case a running jump managed to knock the whole thing over, no worries any more.

Each of the posts is strong enough to hold the weight of multiple cats without any signs of wobbling, and the sisal rope covering is fantastic for scratching and sharpening claws.

We can’t believe how much you get for your money with this cat tree, and our cat seems super pleased with the purchase too. It’s a fantastic way to give them the opportunity to climb and jump around in the home without causing any damage to furniture.

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